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hundreds of satisfied customers
EDM, s.r.o., Ján Bieľák

Professional approach, clear communication, prompt responses, trouble-free processing and delivery of orders, overall maximum satisfaction!

Bauer Gear Motor Slovakia, s.r.o., Ing. Peter Cagáň

In Bauer Gear Motor Slovakia, s.r.o. (www.bauergears.com) we are engaged in the production of electric motors with gearboxes, which are intended for interior as well as exterior use with various requirements of our customers for corrosion resistance. With the company GALIJA COLOR s.r.o. we have successfully cooperated for several years, as it is a very…

MET-KOV s.r.o., Miroslav Hronec

We have been cooperating with Galija Color since 2017, it is our majority supplier of paint. I would highlight the breadth of the product range, the flexibility of deliveries and the care of the sales representative. Regular and free inspections of the quality and heated process are a matter of course.

BEGE spol. s r.o., Miroslav Janáč

We have many years of good experience with Galija color . As a sales representative, as well as the entire Galija color team, also the care for processing orders and special requests is at a high level. The delivery of high quality products is always on time.

FOR Clean, a.s., Martin Novák

Cooperation with the company Galija Color is very inspiring and opens up new possibilities of knowledge in many ways. The employees are very accommodating and professional.

I.G.C.STROJAL s.r.o., Martin Minka
Managing director

The company GALIJA COLOR s.r.o. is our long-term supplier. The range and quality fit our needs and we have no need to change proven products or procedures. The sales representative visits our company with reasonable frequency, his visits are not a nuisance. Responds to queries, needs or questions promptly and the answers are well-founded. We…

K-system, spol. s r.o., BC. ZUZANA JÁNOŠOVÁ
Head of production

We have been working with Galija Color since 2012, it is our exclusive supplier of paint. Our long-term cooperation is mainly based on satisfaction with the prompt delivery of colors max. within two working days of ordering. We are not limited by the minimum amount of paint delivery, which is important for us for smaller…

PRESTIGE REAL, s.r.o., Peter Lesnický
Production manager

I am very satisfied with the services and goods of Galija Color. Our cooperation has been going on for many years, and the ratio of quality of goods and services and price is truly the best I have encountered so far. Delivery always fast, problem-free; quality goods. I also greatly appreciate the willingness and professionalism…

DAS Levoča spol. s r.o., Miroslav Siska
Production director

th the company GALIJA COLOR s.r.o. we have been cooperating since 2005. We are satisfied with this company. Communication is excellent, if they have the ordered goods in stock, they are delivered the next day. A big plus is that we can order different amounts of powder paint and they have no problem sending even…

WANKEL, s.r.o. Michal Švajka

We have been cooperating intensively with GALIJA COLOR since 2014. Flawless service, fast delivery – often even after waiting. The personal, proactive and especially professional approach of Mr. Saba, who is always willing to give advice, is definitely worth mentioning.

Reinter s.r.o., Ing. Róbert Čmiľ
Operation manager

With the company GALIJA COLOR s.r.o. we have been working together since the establishment of the powder coating plant in our company. They provided us with a wide portfolio of services, from employee training, technology debugging, control measurements to the supply of coating materials. . I would like to highlight the professional and accommodating approach…

STRYX s.r.o., Bc. Mirosla Horák
business manager

The company Galija Color s.r.o. is the best choice for us as a custom coating unit for a long time when ordering powder paints. A wide stock assortment, the possibility of loading and acceptable prices give our company comfort, which we can continue to offer to the customer, and thanks to them our company is…