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The manufacturer AXALTA (formerly DuPont) is the world’s largest manufacturer of car series and car repair paints, the world’s third largest manufacturer of paint materials, and is the owner of more than 50 patents It is a leader in introducing new technologies. With paints from the American manufacturer AXALTA, we achieve a 30% higher yield compared to other manufacturers.

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The industrial product line offers a highly effective painting system, characterized above all by high quality, efficiency, flexibility and economy.

The high flexibility of the system is reflected in a wide range of possible uses in a rich offer of base and top coating products that will meet most of your requirements

A high-quality coating system offers a solution for various types of loads. It meets high demands for economy, flexibility, protective function, visual effects, simple application and environmental friendliness.

Percotop is suitable for almost any surface and has the ability to be combined with various pre treatment methods. It is available for various application devices and in a wide range of shades, gradations of gloss and structures. It is characterized by high coverage, excellent protection against atmospheric and chemical influences, mechanical and thermal stress.


The company’s powder division under the name AXALTA is characterized by ease of use, high efficiency (class A spillage) and excellent chemical and mechanical resistance It does not contain solvents and the use of raw materials harmful to health is limited. Various color shades, textures and effects are available with economic properties comparable to wet paints. Standard powder paint products are: Epoxy, Epoxy polyester, Industrial polyester, Polyurethane.

AXALTA is the main supplier of acrylic powder transparent paint for the Automotive industry (BMW).

The offer also includes Antimicrobial, which prevents the appearance of bacteria, molds and other microbes Coil Coating with application at travel speeds of up to 100m/min Coatings on Plastics (Envex) with application to plastics with excellent chemical and mechanical properties High Heat Coatings with temperature resistance 150°C to 550°C and Thin Film cost-effective thin film paints with excellent application properties.

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Inver SPA

Inver SPA is an Italian multinational company producing powder and liquid coatings with the quality of the Qualicoat certificate In the early 2000s, Inver SPA felt the need to sustain its national and international growth by setting up and aggregating its commercial and manufacturing activities to provide the technical, logistical and commercial side of services required by customers in the field of coatings. This need led to the idea of creating the Inver Group and a network of INVER subsidiaries able to meet the demands of national and international clients. Immediately after 2000, the first subsidiary was established in Germany and subsequently in France, Great Britain and Poland.

The brand’s portfolio includes coatings for agriculture, furniture, industrial equipment, construction equipment, white goods, energy and lighting, machine tools, light engineering, safety equipment, air conditioning, transport, work covers and containers.


The manufacturer of powder coatings has been operating on the market for more than 20 years. It enters the market with a high standard of quality. The standards of this manufacturer are based on technological innovations and careful selection of raw materials. The advantage of this manufacturer is the emphasis on fast production and delivery of powder paints, which they can deliver in any shade, design and without limitation of quantity.

COLORE is able to provide a wide range of powder colors at the express request of the customer. Production quality control from the laboratory sample to the production of individual batches is strictly controlled and documented. The inspection of each batch of production is divided into several series, different from each other in technical characteristics, for each of them it is possible to create all shades of colors and various surface effects.

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Telluria paints and varnishes

The Czech manufacturer offers customers top industrial paints. They are intended for painting transport equipment painting machines and equipment, structures products from steel and plastic dizajn products and other applications with high demands on the quality and appearance of the coatings. The brand’s portfolio includes is Alkyds Akryls, Epoxids, Polyurethanes and heat- resistant paints.

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