Powder coatings

Powder coatings are produced in the form of a very fine powder with a grain size diameter of 40-50 μm and a particle distribution of up to 100 μm (one μm is a thousandth of a mm).

After application to a pre-treated metal substrate, it is necessary to heat this applied material in an oven at temperatures of 180-200°C for about 10-15 minutes, while there are colors with a firing temperature of 140°C.

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Epoxy coatings

Epoxy coatings are intended exclusively for interior use. They provide maximum anti-corrosion protection and are also resistant to some chemical substances.

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Epoxy polyester coatings

These hybrid coatings are primarily intended for interior use, but can also be used on surfaces that are short-term exposed to the elements. They have high surface resistance, but do not provide UV protection.

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Polyester and other topcoats

Colors intended mainly for exteriors. They are maximally UV-stable and have a long life of shades and excellent constancy of colors and gloss.

You can also find various specialties in our offer.

Alesta ZeroZinc

ZeroZinc Prime NA

corrosion fighter,
responsible towards the environment

Primer based on zinc-free epoxy resin. highly efficient and environmentally responsible solution . It contributes to operational savings by reducing high repair and maintenance costs.

Ideal for use in the construction, industrial, architectural and transportation markets, ZeroZinc performs well on metal structures, metal fences, hardware, agricultural equipment and more.


Our anti-graffiti coatings contain easy-to-clean agents to protect surfaces from the permanent effects of spray paint and markers. It has excellent outdoor durability due to excellent chemical resistance, very good UV protection and excellent film hardness.

Good weather resistance and chemical resistance make them an ideal protective coating for signboards, cabinets, toilets, signs, indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, public spaces and transport terminals.

Alesta Spotless Anti-Graffiti Powder
Do you need advice?

Whether you are opening a new coating operation unit or need advice on established processes, we are at your disposal. Our specialties know how to cooperate and set up the entire process step by step, from the design of the solution to the selection of a suitable painting process, the selection of coating materials, to technical supervision and staff training.

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