We provide complete service and solving problems in production during the application and colors supplied by us. We can provide::

  • production of a special shade according to the customer’s requirements – colors different from the usual RAL shades
  • assigning a higher priority in production.
  • upon request, providing a sample of individual shades in kilo quantities to test quality and properties
  • technical service for line optimization, furnace measurement, yield and application mapping
  • warehouse in Košice and Lužianky (near Nitra) with monthly supplies
  • complete services and supplies in the field of KTL cataphoretic painting
  • complex business and technical services
  • personal and telephone advice on the issue of using powder and wet paints
  • ensuring the retraining of paint shop operators on the issue of powder and wet paint application, directly at the customer’s or by agreement with individual manufacturers
  • the possibility of monitoring the quality of the application and the resulting coating by objectively measuring a range of properties directly in the paint shop or subsequently in the laboratories of individual manufacturers
  • application and operational tests
  • the opportunity to see for yourself in practice the quality of the products we sell, which we take for granted
  • technical assistance line for solving technical questions of applying powder and wet paints
  • if necessary, we will arrange a personal visit by a technician within 48 hours of making the request

We offer:

  • Consulting and Engineering services in the field of – Engineering
  • We offer project management and professional assistance in these area
  • Primary processes such as pressing, painting, assembly processes and lines
  • Support for the introduction of new processes / products (preparation and introduction of production)
  • Lean production in practice

We can attach technical and safety data sheets and certificates to individual colors while you wait. We deliver the ordered colors in the required quality, flexibly, in the agreed price ranges, naturally we provide quantity discounts, in case of payment in cash 3% discount from the agreed prices.

Do you need advice?

Whether you are opening a new coating operation unit or need advice on established processes, we are at your disposal. Our specialties know how to cooperate and set up the entire process step by step, from the design of the solution to the selection of a suitable painting process, the selection of coating materials, to technical supervision and staff training.

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Do not hesitate to contact us!

On working days, Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. you can reach us on the phone numbers:

KOŠICE 0905 881 094
NITRA 0903 993 336

You can contact us continuously by email at